"Questions are the creative acts of intelligence."

~ Frank Kingdom

The relationship between writer and reader is a sort of silent, one-sided friendship. I write; you read. But true connections between people are built on an exchange of ideas. Valerie welcomes conversations with her readers. Send her your questions, comments, reviews. She is an accomplished public speaker and loves to travel. Invite her to your book club, classroom, bookstore, or community group; she’d love to meet you!

Where can I purchase your books?

Barnes & Noble.com


Changing Hands Booksellers (Tempe and Phoenix)

Albion-Andalus Books.com

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How can I find out about your events?

Contact me or check the Events page here at valeriebfoster.com

Go to valeriefoster.com/events

How can I contact the author?

e-mail me at [email protected]